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The New Fidelity takes the stage in sharp suits to play well-tailored songs that capture moments of everyday life. The New Fi’s unique brand of 60’s influenced Mod Power Pop shines through the smog of Southern California’s indie rock sprawl.

Influences include 60’s British Pop Rock such as Small Faces, The Who and The Beatles.

The New Fi’s music has already been featured on prime-time television shows on ABC, NBC, The CW and FuelTV with more placements to come.

Rodney Bingenheimer is a big fan of the band, regularly playing tracks from their latest CD ‘Tiny Slivers’on KROQ’s Rodney on the ROQ radio show in Los Angeles, where The New Fi also have received spins on Star 98.7, KXLU, and KCRW’S Morning Becomes Eclectic. Their music has also received repeated airplay on popular stations from Hawaii to Austin as well as appearing on the top podcasts of their genre including Mister Suave’s Mod Mod World, MOD Radio UK, Canadian Music Rocks and Indie Pop Rocks.

The New Fi just made its first movie appearance in a dance club scene in the independent film We Are The Mods that debuted at the Director’s Guild of America Theater in Hollywood this summer ‘09. More performances on the silver screen are planned for 2009 and beyond, including music to Vespa scooter chase scene in an independent film featuring Henry Winkler to be released on The Independent Film Channel.

The Los Angeles area band performs regularly at clubs festivals and scooter rallies up and down the west coast from Vancouver to Vegas to San Diego, where they seamlessly mix their original songs with covers of mod and soul classics.

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Press Quotes

“One of the current ‘Hot 100 2009” unsigned artists in the Los Angeles area.”

Music Connection Magazine

“There is nothing diminutive about the tuneful and glorious songs on the New Fidelity’s sophomore release Tiny Slivers. The Long Beach-based quartet celebrates melodic songwriting and strong vocal harmonies across the full length of the 11-song disc. From the infectious ‘Baby’s Back in Town’ to the melodic jangle pop-rock of ‘No Way Back,’ the sound of the disc shimmers from start to finish. There is a nod to 60’s psychedelic with the retro-winning ‘Miss You Like You’re Dead.’ This is not the slick 2000’s pop-rock of the Click Five, but rather blends pop heroes from the 1970’s (think Raspberries), 80’s (Squeeze comes to mind) and early 90’s (Teenage Fanclub, Jellyfish).”

Robert Kinsler, Orange County Register

“Aside from their masterful harmonies, the New Fidelity sound nothing like the Beach Boys and everything like the soundtrack to an 80s movie that was never made. Take the wistfully danceable ‘Casa Grande’ for instance, about a ‘sunny winters day bike ride through Long Beach.’ John Cusack should be on that bike! Or ‘First Day,’ about doing dishes in your apartment and reflecting on the way that love sometimes walks into your life . . . and fucks it up! Molly Ringwald is doing those dishes right now! Seriously!”

Alison Rosen, OC Weekly

“Layers of sublime nuance and easy-to-enjoy, hard driving guitar melodies. You..ll find elements of American garage, soul, jangly mod-pop power pop all mixed up in this honest, gritty and splashingly refreshing slab of tailored energized music. Extremely Highly Recommended.”

Bruce Brodeen, Not Lame Recordings

“Following the Cold War Kids [on stage that night] were the power-pop Long Beach quartet The New Fidelity, reinvigorating the stage with their masterful harmonies and pretty-boy good looks. Come 12:30AM the Prospector was still packed and begging for more. So the New Fi appeased the crowd with a double encore and finished the night with a bang. ”

Kristina Benson, L.A. Record

Their set shoves me right onto the dance floor like nobody’s business. I’m dancing, I’m twisting, I’m shaking. At this point I have no control over my limbs and tracks off of their album, Tiny Slivers, have got me jumping and jiving to a definite Kinks and early Who influenced beat.

Tammy Loveless, Mongrel Zine, Vancouver B.C.

“Fall in love (as usual) with New Fi’s adorable, skinny-tied modness!”

Rebecca Schoenkopf, The District Weekly

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